East Indie Company

(Reguidit frae East India Company)

The East Indie Company (Inglis: East India Company; EIC), an aa kent as the Honourable East Indie Company (Inglis: Honourable East India Company; HEIC) or the Breetish East Indie Company an informally as John Company,[1] wis an Inglis an later Breetish jynt-stock company,[2] which wis formed tae pursue tred wi the East Indies but endit up treddin mainly wi the Indie subcontinent an Qing Cheenae.

East Indie Company (EIC)
IndustrieInternaitional tred
Foondit31 December 1600
FoondersJohn Watts, George White
Defunct1 Juin 1874 (1874-06-01)
HeidquartersLunnon, Ingland


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  2. The Dutch East Indie Company wis the first tae issue public stock.