EMI Group Limited, an aa kent as EMI Music or simply EMI, wis a Breetish multinaitional muisic recordin an publishin company, an electronics device an seestems manufacturin company, heidquartert in Lunnon, Ingland.

EMI Group Limited
Private company (2006–2011)
Subsidiary (2011–12)
IndustrieMuisic entertainment
FateBroken-up (EMI Music Publishing acquired bi consortium led bi Sony/ATV Music Publishing an comprisin Sony Corporation of America, the Estate o Michael Jackson, Mubadala Development Company PJSC, Jynwel Capital Limited, the Blackstone Group's GSO Capital Partners LP an David Geffen;[1]
bulk o recordin business acquired bi Universal Music Group;
Parlophone, Chrysalis Records, EMI Classics, Virgin Classics an EMI Records' Belgian, Czech, Dens, French, Norse, Portuguese, Spainyie, Slovak an Swadish operations acquired bi Warner Music Group;[2]
Mute Records an Virgin Music Publishing sauld tae BMG Rights Management[3])
PredecessorColumbia Graphophone Company
Gramophone Company
SuccessorEMI Music Publishing
Virgin EMI Records
EMI Records Nashville
Minos EMI
EMI Taiwan
Defunct28 September 2012 (as a company)
HeidquartersWestminster, Lunnon, Ingland, Unitit Kinrick
Aurie served
Key fowk
Roger Faxon (chief executive)
Ruth Prior (CFO)
Revenue£1.072 billion ($1.65 billion)(2009)
AwnerTerra Firma Capital Partners (August 2007 to February 2011)
Citigroup (February 2011 to September 2012)
Universal Music Group (2011–present)
Sony/ATV Music Publishing (2011–present)
Nummer o employees
5,500 (Januar 2008)
ParentWarner Bros. Records
(Warner Music Group) (2011–)
SubsidiariesVirgin EMI Records
EMI Records
WabsteidUniversal Music


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