Duchy o Parma

The Duchy o Parma wis an umwhile state in Italy. It wis a duchy until it wis absorbed into the kinrick o Italy. It wis ruled bi the Hoose o Farnese then the Bourbons o Parma

Duchy of Parma

Ducato di Parma  (Italian)
1545–1802 (1808)

Banner o Parma
Flag of the Duchy of Parma (1851-1859).svg
Top 1545-1731; bottom 1851-1859
Motto: Dirige me Domine!
"Lead me, oh Lord!"
The Duchy o Parma an Piacenza (green)
The Duchy o Parma an Piacenza (green)
Common leidsItalian, Emilian
Roman Catholic
• 1545–1547
Pier Luigi (first)
• 1854–1859
Roberto I (last)
16 September 1545
24 Aprile 1748
1 November 1802
• Formal annexation by France
• Restored
11 Aprile l 1814
3 December 1859
CurrencyParman lira
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Papal States
Taro (department)
Duchy of Guastalla
Taro (department)
United Provinces of Central Italy

Farnese Dukes o ParmaEedit

  1. Pier Luigi Farnese (an illegitimate son o Pape Paul III)
  2. Ottavio Farnese (son o the abuin)
  3. Alessandro Farnese (son o the abuin)
  4. Ranuccio (I) Farnese (on o the abuin)
  5. Odoardo Farnese (son o the abuin)
  6. Ranuccio (II) Farnese (son o the abuin)
  7. Francesco Farnese (son o the abuin)
  8. Antonio Farnese (brither o the abuin)

Bourbon Dukes o ParmaEedit

  1. Carlo (son o Elisabeth Farnese)
  2. Filippo (brither o the abuin)
  3. Ferdinando I (son o the abuin)
  4. Ludovico I (son o the abuin)
  5. Carlo II (son o the abuin)
  6. Carlo III (son o the abuin)
  7. Roberto I (son o the abuin)
  8. Enrico (son o the abuin)
  9. Giuseppe (brither o the abuin)
  10. Elias (brither o the abuin)
  11. Roberto Ugo (son o the abuin)