Drest or Drust, son o Erp, is a legendar keeng o the Pechts frae 412 tae 452.

The Pictish Chronicle tells that Drest reigned for 100 years an triumphed in 100 battles.[1] In the face o encroachment frae Angles, Britons, an Scots, he established control ower muckle o Northren Breetain efter the disruption follaein the athdrawal o the Romans[2]. It an aw states that Saunt Patrick went tae Ireland in the nineteent year o his reign, which wad place it in the middle o the 5t century. The Chronicle claims that he exiled his brither Nechtan tae Ireland. John o Fordun claims that Drest reigned for 45 years in the time o Palladius rather than Patrick, an conflates him wi his brither Nechtan.[3]

The keeg leets record that he wis follaeed bi ane Talorc son o Aniel.


  1. Variants say he livit 100 years an focht 100 battles.
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Regnal teetles
Precedit bi
Keeng o the Pechts
Succeedit bi
Talorc son o Aniel

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