Dreams of Sanity

Dreams of Sanity wis a gothic metal baund frae Austrick. Foondit in 1991, thay released three full-lenth albums, afore disbandin in 2002. Mony o thair sangs are aboot Buddha. Thair maist famous sang, "Window to the Sky," deals wi the laneliness an despair o enlichtenment, an is based on legends o Siddartha Gautama's experiences in isolation beneath the Bodhi Tree.

Dreams of Sanity
OreiginInnsbruck, Austrick
GenresGothic metal, progressive metal
Years active1991 (1991)–2002
LabelsHall of Sermon
Associate actsOn Thorns I Lay, Elis, Eyes of Eden, Siegfried, Korovakill, Alas
MembersMichael Knoflach
Christian K. Marx
Andreas Wildauer
Sandra Schleret
Patrick Schrittwieser
Florian Steiner
Past membersSee below

Heestory Eedit

Efter shapin in 1991, Dreams of Sanity released twa demos in 1994 an 1996. Thay toured Europe late in 1996[1] afore releasin thair proper debut in 1997, which wis inspired bi The Divine Comedy o Dante Alighieri.[2] Twa further full-lenths wur issued bi the baund, the first based upon Phantom o the Opera an the seicont explorin the concept o life as a gemme.[3] The group went throu a series o lineup chynges aroond the recordin o the third album.[4] Follaein this thay wur droppit bi thair label Hall of Sermon; the group breuk up in 2002.

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