Don Carlos[1] is a five-act grand opera componed bi Giuseppe Verdi tae a French-leid libretto bi Joseph Méry an Camille du Locle, based on the dramatic play Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien (Don Carlos, Infante o Spain) bi Friedrich Schiller. The opera is uisually performed in Italian. In addeetion, it haes been notit bi David Kimball that the Fontainebleau scene an auto da fé "war the maist substantial o several incidents borraed frae a contemporary play on Philip II bi Eugène Cormon".[2]

Don Carlos
Opera bi Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Barberis - Carlo Cornaglia - Giuseppe Verdi's Don Carlo at La Scala.jpg
Carlo Cornaglia's depiction o Act IV (the oreeginal Act V) in the 1884 La Scala production
Based onDon Carlos
bi Friedrich Schiller (plus incidents borraed frae a contemporary play bi Eugène Cormon)
Premiere11 Mairch 1867 (1867-03-11)
Salle Le Peletier (Paris Opéra)


  1. In the teetle o the opera an the play "Don" is uised as the Spaingie honoreefic.
  2. Kimbell 2001, in Holden p. 1002. Budden, pp. 15–16, reinforces this wi details o the play.