Dogri (डोगरी or ڈوگرى‬) is an Indo-Aryan leid spoken bi aboot five million fowk[3] in Indie an Pakistan, chiefly in the Jammu region o Jammu an Kashmir an Himachal Pradesh, but an aa in northren Punjab, ither pairts o Jammu an Kashmir, an elsewhaur.[4]

डोगरी ڈوگرىḍogrī
Native taeIndie, Pakistan
RegionJammu, Himachal Pradesh, Gurdaspur/Pathankot Punjab
Native speakers
4.0 million (1996 – 2001 census)[1]
Devanagari, Takri, Perso-Arabic script
Leid codes
ISO 639-2doi
ISO 639-3doiinclusive code
Individual codes:
dgo – Dogri proper
xnr – Kangri


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