De facto (Inglis pronunciation: /d ˈfækt/, /d/,[1] Latin pronunciation: [deː ˈfaktoː]) is a Laitin expression that means "concernin fact". In law, it eften means "in practice but nae necessarily ordained bi law" or "in practice or actuality, but nae offeecially established". It is commonly uised in contrast tae de jure (which means "concernin the law") when referrin tae matters o law, govrenance, or technique (such as staundarts) that are foond in the common experience as creatit or developed wioot or contrary to a regulation. When discussin a legal situation, de jure designates what the law says, while de facto designates action o what happens in practice. It is analogous an seemilar tae the expressions "for aw intents an purposes" or "in fact".


  1. de facto