Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit (Lithuanie: Kuršių nerija, Roushie: Куршская коса, German: Kurische Nehrung, Latvie: Kuršu kāpas) is a 98 km lang, thin, curved saund-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon frae the Baltic Sea coast. Its soothren portion lies within Kaliningrad Oblast, Roushie an its northren within soothwastren Lithuanie. It is a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid shared bi the twa kintras.

Curonian Spit
UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
Pilkosios kopos1.jpg
CriteriaCultural: v
Inscription2000 (24t Session)

Coordinates: 55°16′28″N 20°58′15″E / 55.27444°N 20.97083°E / 55.27444; 20.97083