Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event

An airtist's renderin o an asteroid a few kilometers athort collidin wi the Yird. Sic an impact can release the equivalent energy o several million nuclear wappens detonatin simultaneously.

The Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event,[lower-alpha 1] an aw kent as the Cretaceous–Tertiary (K–T) extinction,[lower-alpha 2] wis a sudden mass extinction o some three-quarters o the plant an ainimal speshies on Yird,[2][3][4] approximately 66 million years aby.[3]


  1. The abbreviation is derived frae the juxtaposition o K, the common abbreviation for the Cretaceous, that in turn oreeginates frae the correspondent German term Kreide, an Pg, that is the abbreviation for the Paleogene.
  2. The umwhile designation includes the term 'Tertiary' (abbreviatit as T), that is nou discouraged as a formal geochronological unit bi the Internaitional Commission on Stratigraphy.[1]


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