Cornelius Vanderbilt

Cornelius Vanderbilt (Mey 27, 1794 – Januar 4, 1877), an aa kent informally as "Commodore Vanderbilt", wis an American business magnate an philanthropist wha biggit his walth in railweys an shippin.[2][3]

Cornelius Vanderbilt
Cornelius Vanderbilt Daguerrotype2.jpg
BornMey 27, 1794
Staten Island, New York, U.S.
Died4 Januar 1877(1877-01-04) (aged 82)
Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Restin place
Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island, New York, U.S.
ThriftRailwey/watter transport businessman, philanthropist
Net worthIncreaseUS $215 billion (2016 dollars; inflation-adjustit)[1]
Childer13, includin William Henry Vanderbilt
RelativesSee Vanderbilt faimily
SignaturCornelius Vanderbilt Signature.svg


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