The cornea is the transparent front pairt o the ee that covers the iris, pupil, an anterior chamber. The cornea, wi the anterior chamber an lens, refracts licht, wi the cornea accoontin for approximately twa-thirds o the ee's tot optical pouer.[1][2] In humans, the refractive pouer o the cornea is approximately 43 dioptres.[3] While the cornea contreibutes maist o the ee's focusin pouer, its focus is fixed. The curvature o the lens, on the ither haund, can be adjuistit tae "tune" the focus dependin upon the object's distance. Medical terms relatit tae the cornea eften stairt wi the prefix "kerat-" frae the Greek wird κέρας, horn.

Schematic diagram o the human ee shawin the cornea as separatit frae the sclera bi the corneal limbus
Vertical section human cornea-Gray871.png
Vertical section o human cornea frae near the margin. (Waldeyer.) Magnified.
  1. Epithelium.
  2. Anterior elastic lamina.
  3. substantia propria.
  4. Posterior elastic lamina (Descemet's membrane).
  5. Endothelium of the anterior chamber.
    • a. Oblique fibers in the anterior layer o the substantia propria.
    • b. Lamellæ the fibers o which are cut across, producin a dottit appearance.
    • c. Corneal corpuscles appearin fusiform in section.
    • b. Lamellæ the fibers o which are cut longitudinally.
    • d. Transition tae the sclera, with more distinct fibrillation, an surmoontit bi a thicker epithelium.
    • e. Smaw bluidvessels cut athort near the margin o the cornea.
Anatomical terminology


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