Coonty (Unitit States)

In the Unitit States, an admeenistrative or poleetical sub-diveesion o a state is a coonty (Inglis: county, which is a region haein speceefic mairches an uisually some level o govrenmental authority.[1]

Also known as:
Pairish (Louisiana)
Burgh (Alaska)
Usa counties large.svg
CategorySeicont-level admeenistrative diveesion
LocationStates o the Unitit States o Americae
Nummer3,144 (includin 137 coonty equivalents)
PopulationsGreatest: Los Angeles Coonty, Californie—10,170,292 (2015)
Least: Kalawao Coonty, Hawaii—89 (2015)
AuriesLairgest: San Bernardino Coonty, Californie—20,057 sq mi (51,950 km2)
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Aurie, Alaska (copnty equivalent)—145,505 sq mi (376,860 km2)
Smawest: Kalawao Coonty, Hawaii—12 sq mi (31 km2)
Independent City of Falls Church, Virginie (coonty equivalent)—2 sq mi (5.2 km2)
GovrenmentCoonty commission, Buird o Supervisors (AZ, CA, IA, MS, VA, WI) Coonty cooncil (WA), Commissioners' Coort (TX), Buird o chosen freehaulders (NJ), Fiscal Coort (KY), Polis Jury (LA)
Coonty executive, Coonty mayor, Coonty judge, Coonty manager, Sole commissioner


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