Cooncil o Europe

internaitional organisation

The Cooncil o Europe (CoE; French: Conseil de l'Europe) is a internaitional organisation focused on promotin human richts, democracy an the rule o law in Europe. Foondit in 1949, it haes 47 member states, covers approximately 820 million fowk an operates wi a annual budget o approximately hauf a billion euros.[2]

Cooncil o Europe
Conseil de l'Europe
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Council of Europe (orthographic projection).svg
FormationTreaty o Lunnon 1949
TeepRegional intergovrenmental organisation
HeidquartersStrasbourg, Fraunce
Offeecial leids
Inglis, French
Ither wirkin leids: German, Italian, Roushie, an Turkis[1]
Secretar General
Thorbjørn Jagland
Deputy Secretar General
Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni
Anne Brasseur
Edmond Panariti
Preses o the Congress
Jean-Claude Frécon
European BannerFlag of Europe.svg
European Anthem"Ode to Joy" (orchestral)


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