Admeenistrative diveesions o Armenie

(Reguidit frae Commonty (Armenie))
Subdiveesions o Armenie

Map ref. Admeenistrative
1 Aragatsotn Ashtarak
2 Ararat Artashat
3 Armavir Armavir
4 Gegharkunik Gavar
5 Kotayk Hrazdan
6 Lori Vanadzor
7 Shirak Gyumri
8 Syunik Kapan
9 Tavush Ijevan
10 Vayots Dzor Yeghegnadzor
11 Yerevan

Armenie is subdividit intae eleiven admeenistrative diveesions. O these, ten are provinces, kent as marzer (մարզեր) or in the singular form marz (մարզ) in Armenie.

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Admeenistrative diveesions
Aragatsotn · Ararat · Armavir
Gegharkunik · Kotayk · Lori · Shirak
Syunik · Tavush · Vayots Dzor
Yerevan (ceety wi special status)

Yerevan is treatit separately an grantit special admeenistrative status as the kintra's caipital. The chief executive in each o 10 marzes is the marzpet, appointit bi the govrenment o Armenie. In Yerevan, the chief executive is the mayor, appointit bi the preses.

Provinces eedit

The follaein is a leet o the provinces wi population, area, an density information. Figurs are frae the Naitional Statistical Service o the Republic o Armenie. Note that the area o the Gegharkunik Province includes Lake Sevan which covers 1,278 square kilometers (493.4 sq mi) o its territory. To sort the information, uise the arrae devices in the table heidins.

Province Population % Density
Yerevan 1,091,235 36.3% 5,196.4 /km2 (13,458.6/sq mi)
Shirak 257,242 8.6% 96.0 /km2 (248.6/sq mi)
Armavir 255,861 8.5% 206.2 /km2 (534.1/sq mi)
Lori 253,351 8.4% 66.8 /km2 (173/sq mi)
Ararat 252,665 8.4% 126.1 /km2 (326.6/sq mi)
Kotayk 241,337 8.0% 114.9 /km2 (297.6/sq mi)
Gegharkunik 215,371 7.2% 58.9 /km2 (152.6/sq mi)
Syunik 134,061 4.5% 29.8 /km2 (77.2/sq mi)
Aragatsotn 126,278 4.2% 45.8 /km2 (118.6/sq mi)
Tavush 121,963 4.1% 39.1 /km2 (101.3/sq mi)
Vayots Dzor 53,230 1.8% 22.1 /km2 (57.2/sq mi)

Commonties (hamaynkner) eedit

Athin each province are commonties (hamaynkner, singular hamaynk). Each commonty is sel-govrenin an consists o ane or mair settlements (bnakavayrer, singular bnakavayr). Settlements are classified as either touns (kaghakner, singular kaghak) or veelages (gyugher, singular gyugh). As o 2007, Armenie includes 915 commonties, o which 49 are considered urban an 866 are considered rural. The caipital, Yerevan, haes the status o a commonty an aw.[1] Additionally, Yerevan is dividit intae twal semi-autonomous destricts.

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References eedit

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