Comayagua Depairtment

Comayagua (Spaingie pronunciation: [komaˈʝaɣwa]) is ane o the 18 depairtments (departamentos) intae which the Central American naition o Honduras is dividit. The depairtmental caipital is Comayagua.

Location o Comayagua depairtment
Location o Comayagua depairtment

Geografie eedit

The depairtment covers a tot surface aurie o 5,196 km² an, in 2005, haed a estimatit population o 390,643 fowk.

Economy eedit

Historically, the depairtment producit gowd, copper, cinnabar, asbestos, an siller. Gems wur mined an aw, includin opal an emerald. The aurie wis kent for "fine" cattle an aw.[1]

Municipalities eedit

References eedit

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Coordinates: 14°27′N 87°38′W / 14.450°N 87.633°W / 14.450; -87.633