Colorado Springs, Colorado

(Reguidit frae Colorado Springs)

Colorado Springs is a Hame Rule Municipality that is the coonty seat an maist populous ceety o El Paso Coonty, Colorado, Unitit States. Colorado Springs is locatit in the Sooth Central portion o Central Colorado. It is situatit on Fountain Creek an is locatit 61 mile (98 km) sooth o the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. At 6,035 feet (1839 m) the ceety sits ower ane mile (1.6 km) abuin sea level, though some auries o the ceety are significantly heicher. Colorado Springs is situatit near the base o ane o the maist famous American muntains, Pikes Peak, at the eastren edge o the soothren Rocky Muntains.

Wi an estimatit population of 414,358 in 2009,[1] it is the seicont maist populous ceety in the state o Colorado, ahint Denver, an the 46t maist populous ceety in the Unitit States,[2] while the Colorado Springs Metropolitan Statistical Area haed an estimatit population o 626,227.[3] The ceety covers 186.1 square miles (482 km2), makin it Colorado's lairgest ceety in aurie. Colorado Springs wis selectit as the No. 1 Best Big Ceety in "Best Places to Live" bi Money magazine in 2006,[4] an placed number ane in Outside's 2009 leet o Americae's Best Ceeties.[5]

Sister ceetiesEedit

Bishkek mayor Arstanbek Nogoev presents a gift for Colorado Springs mayor Lionel Rivera tae a US airman at Manas Air Base, in a ceremony aimed at revivin ties atween the twa sister ceeties[6]

Sister ceeties o Colorado Springs include:


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