The clitoris is a female sex organ present in mammals, ostriches an a leemitit nummer o ither ainimals. In humans, the veesible portion - the glans - is at the front junction o the labia minora (inner lips), abuin the appenin o the urethra. Unlik the penis, the male homologue (equivalent) tae the clitoris, it uisually daes nae conteen the distal portion (or appenin) o the urethra an is tharefore nae uised for urination. The clitoris an aw uisually lacks a reproductive function. While few ainimals urinate through the clitoris or uise it reproductively, the spottit hyena, that has an especially lairge clitoris, urinates, mates, an gies birth via the organ. Some ither mammals, sic as lemurs an speeder puggies, an aw hae a lairge clitoris.[1]

Clitoris Anatomy.svg
The internal anatomy o the human vulva, wi the clitoral huid an labia minora indicatit as lines. The clitoris extends frae the veesible portion tae a pynt ablo the pubic bane.
Clitoris detailed.jpg
Location o clitoral glans (2) an clitoral huid (1)
PrecursorGenital tubercle
ArteryDorsal artery o clitoris, deep artery o clitoris
VeinSuperficial dorsal veins o clitoris, deep dorsal vein o clitoris
NerveDorsal nerve o clitoris
Anatomical terminology

The clitoris is the human female's maist sensitive erogenous zone an generally the primary anatomical soorce o human female sexual pleisur.[2] In humans an ither mammals, it develops frae an ootgrowthe in the embryo cried the genital tubercle. Ineetially undifferentiatit, the tubercle develops intae aither a penis or a clitoris, dependin on the presence or absence o the protein tdf, that is codified bi a single gene on the Y chromosome. The clitoris is a complex structur, an its size an sensitivity can vary. The glans (heid) o the human clitoris is aboot the size an shape o a pease, an is estimated tae hae aboot 8,000 sensory nerve endins.[3]

Sexological an medical debate hae focused on the clitoris, an it haes an aw been the subject o sociological (includin social constructionist) analyses an studies.[4] Sic discussions range frae anatomical accuracy, gender inequality, orgasmic factors an thair pheesiological explanation for the G-spot.[5] Awtho, in humans, the anerly kent purpose o the clitoris is tae provide sexual pleisur, whather the clitoris is vestigial, an adaptation, or serves a reproductive function haes been debatit.[6] Social perceptions o the clitoris include the signeeficance o its role in female sexual pleisur, assumptions aboot its true size an deepth, an varyin beliefs regairdin genital modification sic as clitoris enlargement, clitoris piercin an clitoridectomy.[7] Genital modification mey be for aesthetic, medical or cultural reasons.[7]

Knawledge o the clitoris is signeeficantly impactit bi cultural perceptions o the organ. Studies suggest that knawledge o its exeestence an anatomy is scant in comparison wi that o ither sexual organs, an that mair eddication aboot it coud help alleviate social stigmas associatit wi the female bouk an female sexual pleisur; for ensaumple, that the clitoris an vulva in general are veesually unappealin, that female masturbation is taboo, or that men shoud be expectit tae maister an control weemen's orgasms.[8]