Claude de Vin

Claude de Vin kent as Mademoiselle des Œillets (1637 – 18 Mey 1687), wis a short-term mistress o Keeng Louis XIV o Fraunce an the companion o the offeecial royal mistress an favourite Madame de Montespan. She wis kent for her involvement in the famous Affair o the Poisons which destroyed the relationship atween Madame de Montespan an Keeng Louis XIV. She wis an aa a Lady-in-waiting tae Madame de Montespan.

Claude de Vin
Mademoiselle des Œillets
Circle of Pierre Mignard - Portrait of a Lady in a white silk dress.jpg
Portrait bi Pierre Mignard
Full name
Claude de Vin
Provence, Fraunce
Dee'd18 May 1687 (aged 50)
Château de Suisnes, Fraunce
FaitherNicolas de Vin
MitherLouise Faviot


  1. She haed a bairn bi the king, Louise de Maisonblanche (17 Juin 1676 – 12 September 1718) mairit Bernard de Prez, Baron o La Queue an haed childer. Louis XIV never recognised her as his dochter.

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