Chuy, Kyrgyzstan

Chüy (Kyrgyz: Чүй, Roushie: Чуй) is a veelage (Roushie: село) in the Chuy Province o Kyrgyzstan. It is adjacent tae the umwhile provincial caipital, the ceety o Tokmok, an is the admeenistrative centre o the Chuy Destrict (ane o the 8 admeenistrative destricts o the Chuy Province), which surroonds Tokmok.

Syne Chuy is adjacent tae Tokmok, the twa settlements thegither are whiles informally referred tae as the "ceety o Chuy-Tokmok" (Чуй-Токмок; whiles, Chuy-Tokmak, Чуй-Токмак).[1]


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Coordinates: 42°49′17″N 75°17′08″E / 42.821352°N 75.285495°E / 42.821352; 75.285495