Chimera (meethologie)

The Chimera (an aa Chimaera (Chimæra); Greek: Χίμαιρα, Chímaira) wis, accordin tae Greek meethology, a monstrous fire-braithin hybrid creature o Lycia in Asie Minor, componed o the pairts o mair nor ane ainimal. It is uisually depictit as a lion, wi the heid o a gait arisin frae its back, an a tail that micht end wi a snake's heid,[1] an wis ane o the offspring o Typhon an Echidna an a sibling o such monsters as Cerberus an the Lernaean Hydra.

The Chimera on a reid-figur Apulian plate, c. 350–340 BC (Musée du Louvre)


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