Charles de Rohan, Prince o Rochefort

Charles de Rohan, Prince o Rochefort (7 August 1693 – 25 Februar 1766) wis a Prince o the Hoose o Rohan. He was the founder o the Rochefort line o the Rohans which continue tae live today. He wis styled the Prince o Rochefort as well as the Prince o Montauban. His only dochter, kent as Louise, wis the wife o the Prince o Brionne, a Prince o Lorraine. Through their dochter Joséphine, who mairit the Prince o Carignano, the present Hoose o Savoy are direct descendants o Charles an his wife. The teetle Prince o Rochefort wis creatit a hereditary teetle in 1728.

Charles de Rohan
Prince o Rochefort
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The Prince o Rochefort bi Coypel.
Full name
Charles de Rohan
Born7 August 1693(1693-08-07)
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd25 Februar 1766(1766-02-25) (aged 77)
Noble faimilyHoose o Rohan
Spoose(s)Eléonore Eugénie de Béthisy
FaitherCharles de Rohan
MitherCharlotte Élisabeth de Cochefilet
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On 23 September 1722 he mairit Eléonore Eugénie de Béthisy, dochter o Eugène Marie de Béthisy, Marquis o Mézières.


  1. Éléonore Louise Constance de Rohan, Mademoiselle de Rochefort (15 Januar 1728 – 1792) mairit Jean de Merode an haed issue.
  2. Charles Jules Armand de Rohan, Prince o Rochefort an o Montauban (29 August 1729 – 18 Mey 1811) mairit Marie Henriette Charlotte d'Orléans an haed issue.
  3. Louise Julie Constance de Rohan (28 Mairch 1734 – 20 Mairch 1815) mairit Louis o Lorraine, Prince o Brionne an haed issue.
  4. Eugène Hercule Camille de Rohan (6 Aprile 1737 – 1816) niver mairit.