Charles de Cossé, Duke o Brissac

Charles de Cossé, Duke o Brissac (1550 – Juin 1621) wis the first Duke o Brissac, a teetle he was grantit in 1611. He wis a prominent French soldier an became a Marshal o Fraunce, a position conferred upon him bi Keeng Henri IV in 1594. He mairit Judith d'Acigné, in 1579 an haed issue. He marit Louise d'Ongnies in 1602 but haed nae issue.

Charles de Cossé
Duke o Brissac
Charles II de Cossé.jpg
1835 painting o the Duke o Brissac bi Jean Alaux (commisioned bi Louis Philippe I)
Full name
Charles de Cossé
Château d'Ételan, Fraunce
Dee'dJuin 1621 (aged 71)
Château de Brissac, Fraunce
Noble faimilyHoose o Cossé
Spoose(s)Judith d'Acigné
Louise d'Ongnies
FaitherCharles de Cossé
MitherCharlotte Le Sueur
Armoiries cossé brissac.png


  1. François de Cossé, Duke o Brissac (1585–1651) mairit twice an haed issue.