Charles de Blanchefort, Duke o Poix

Charles de Blanchefort, Duke o Poix, Laird o Blanchefort, Prince o Poix, Duke o Créquy (24 Marich 1624 – 13 Februar 1687) wis a French peer an soldier, wha served Louis XIV as diplomat an advisor.

Charles de Blanchefort
Duke o Poix
Born24 March 1624
Poix-de-Picardie Picardy
Dee'd13 Februar 1687(1687-02-13) (aged 62)

In 1659 the Coont o Créquy wis sent tae Spain wi gifts for the Infanta Maria Theresa o Spain, an on a seemilar errand tae Bavaria in 1680 afore the marriage o the dauphin. He wis ambassador tae Roum frae 1662 tae 1665, an tae Ingland in 1677; an became governor o Paris in 1675. He died in Paris on 13 Februar 1687. His anly dochter, Madeleine, mairit Charles Belgique Hollande de La Trémoille.


In 1653 he mairit Anne Armande de Saint Gelais de Lansac. Wha wis later a lady-in-waiting tae Queen Marie Thérèse.