Charles de Beauvau, Prince o Beauvau

Charles de Beauvau, Prince o Beauvau (Charles Juste François Victurnien; 7 Mairch 1793 – 14 Mairch 1864) wis a French militar man an senator under Napoleon III. He wis a member o the Hoose o Beauvau. He was kent aa the Prince o Beauvau. Because o his faither's rank o Prince o the Haly Roman Empire, he succeeded tae those teetles on his faithers daith in 1849. He mairit twice. He haed fower bairn including the next Prince o Beauvau. Politically he wis a member o the Bonaparte party which sought tae restore the Hoose o Bonaparte tae the French throne. Though legally the "Prince o Craon", he wis kent bi his other teetle "Prince o Beauvau".

Charles de Beauvau
Prince o Beauvau
Prince o the Haly Roman Empire
Senator o the First Empire
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Full name
Charles Juste François Victurnien de Beauvau
Born7 Mairch 1793(1793-03-07)
Sunninghill, Berkshire, Ingland
Dee'd14 Mairch 1864(1864-03-14) (aged 71)
Hôtel de Beauvau, Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Lucie Virginie de Choiseul
Ludmille Komar
Élisabeth, Coontess o Lude
Béatrix, Coontess Choiseul
Marc, Prince o Beauvau
FaitherPrince Marc Étienne de Beauvau
MitherNathalie de Rochechouart
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On 9 Juin 1815, Charles married Lucie Virginie de Choiseul (1794-1834). They haed twa sons.


  1. Marc René Antoine Victurnien, Prince o Beauvau (1816-1883)
  2. Étienne Guy Charles Victurnien (1818-1865)

On 2 April 1839, Charles mairit Eugénie Ludmille Alexandrine Joséphine Komar (1820-1881). They haed issue.

  1. Marie Delphine Élisabeth Stéphanie (1842-1898), mairit Coont Gaston Alexandre de Ludre
  2. Béatrix Jeanne Marie Joséphine (1844-1895), mairit Coont Horace de Choiseul-Praslin

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