Karl XIII o Swaden

(Reguidit frae Charles XIII o Swaden)

Charles XIII, or Carl XIII, (Swadish: Karl XIII, 7 October 1748 – 5 Februar 1818) wis Keeng o Sweden frae 1809 and King o Norawa from 1814 tae his daith. He wis the seicont son o King Adolf Frederick o Swaden an Louisa Ulrika o Proushie, sister o Frederick the Great.

Charles XIII of Sweden.jpg
Charles wearing the insignia o the Order o Charles XIII (in red)
Keeng o Swaden
Ring6 Juin 1809 – 5 February 1818
PredecessorGustav IV Adolf
SuccessorCharles XIV John
Keeng o Norawa
Ring4 November 1814 – 5 February 1818
PredecessorChristian Frederick
SuccessorCharles III John
Born7 October 1748(1748-10-07)
Stockholm, Swaden
Dee'd5 Februar 1818(1818-02-05) (aged 69)
Stockholm, Swaden
Buirial20 March 1818
Riddarholm Kirk
SpouseHedwig Elizabeth Charlotte o Holstein-Gottorp
IssueCarl Löwenhielm
FaitherAdolf Frederick o Sweden
MitherLouisa Ulrika o Proushie
Armoiries du Roi Charles XIII de Suède et de Norvège 1814 1818.svg