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Caiptain Charles Hamilton Sorley (19 Mey 1895 – 13 October 1915) wis a Breetish Airmy officer an Scots war poet that focht in the First Warld War, whaur he wis killt in action in the Battle o Loos in October 1915.

Charles Sorley
Charles Hamilton Sorley (For Remembrance) cropped and retouched.jpg
Born Charles Hamilton Sorley
10 Mey 1895(1895-05-10)
Aiberdeen, Scotland
Dee'd 13 October 1915(1915-10-13) (aged 20)
Hulluch, Lens, Fraunce
Thrift Sodger, Poet, Student
Naitionality Breetish
Alma mater Marlborough College
Period Early 20t century
Genre Poetry
Notable warks Marlborough and Other Poems
Military career
Allegiance  Unitit Kinrick
Service/branch  Breetish Airmy
Rank Captain
Unit Suffolk Regiment
Battles/wars First Warld War