Charles III, Prince o Monaco

Charles III, Prince o Monaco (Charles Honoré; 8 December 1818 – 10 September 1889) wis Prince o Monaco an Duke o Valentinois frae 20 Juin 1856 tae his daith. He wis the foonder o the famous casino in Monte Carlo, as his teetle in Monegasque an Italian wis Carlo III. Referred tae an aw as Carlo III. He wis born in Paris, the anly son o Florestan, Prince o Monaco, an Maria Caroline Gibert de Lametz. Monte Carlo is named efter Charles III. It stands for the "Moont Charles" in Italian.

Charles III o Monaco
Karl III (Monaco).jpg
Prince o Monaco
Ring20 Juin 1856 – 10 September 1889
PredecessorFlorestan I
SuccessorAlbert I
Born8 December 1818(1818-12-08)
Paris, France
Dee'd10 September 1889(1889-09-10) (aged 70)
Château de Marchais
BuirialSaunt Nicholas Cathedral
Monaco-Ville, Monaco
SpouseAntoinette de Mérode
IssueAlbert I, Prince o Monaco
Full name
Charles Honoré Grimaldi
FaitherFlorestan, Prince o Monaco
MitherMaria Caroline Gibert de Lametz

The Order o Saunt Charles wis instituted on 15 Mairch 1858, during the ring o Prince Charles III.


While he wis Hereditary Prince, Charles wis mairit on 28 September 1846 in Brussels tae Coontess Antoinette de Mérode-Westerloo. Antoinette wis an aunt o Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo.