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Charles II, Duke o Parma (Carlo Ludovico; 22 December 1799 – 16 Aprile 1883) wis Keeng o Etrurie (1803–1807; reigned aa Louis II), Duke o Lucca (1824–1847; reigned aa Charles I), an Duke o Parma (1847–1849; reigned aa Charles II). He iss aa cried Carlo Ludovico.

Charles Louis
Ritratto di Carlo Ludovico di Borbone.jpg
undated portrait o Ritratto di Carlo Ludovico.
Keeng o Etrurie (aa Louis II)
Ring 27 May 1803 – 10 December 1807
Predecessor Louis I
Regent Maria Luisa o Spain
Duke o Lucca (as Charles I)
Ring 13 Mairch 1824 – 17 December 1847
Predecessor Maria Luisa
Duke o Parma an Piacenza (as Charles II)
Reing 17 December 1847 – 17 Mey 1849
Predecessor Marie Louise
Successor Charles III
Born 22 December 1799(1799-12-22)
Ryal Pailace, Madrid
Dee'd 16 Apryle 1883(1883-04-16) (aged 83)
Spouse Princess Maria Teresa o Savoy
Issue Princess Luisa
Prince Charles
Full name
Carlo Ludovico Ferdinando di Borbone
Hoose Bourbon o Parma
Faither Ludovico I o Etrurie
Mither Maria Luisa, Duchess o Lucca
Great Royal Coat of Arms of Etruria.svg


On 5 September 1820 Charles II mairit Princess Maria Teresa o Savoy, in Lucca. She wis a daughter o Victor Emmanuel I o Sardinie an Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este. They haed twa bairn.


  1. Princess Luisa Francesca o Parma (29 October 1821 – 8 September 1823) died young.
  2. Charles III, Duke o Parma 14 Januar 1823 – 27 Mairch 1854) mairit Louise Marie Thérèse d'Artois an haed issue.

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