Charles Hay, 16t Yerl o Kinnoull

Charles William Harley Hay, 16t Yerl o Kinnoull (born 20 December 1962), styled as Viscount Dupplin till 2013, is a Breetish hereditary peer an crossbench member o the Hoose o Lairds.

The Richt Honourable
The Yerl o Kinnoull
Coronet of a British Earl.svg
Hay-Drummond coat of arms.svg
Coat o airms o the Yerls o Kinnoull
Born (1962-12-20) 20 December 1962 (age 57)
PredecessorArthur Hay, 15t Yerl o Kinnoull
Spoose(s)Clare Crawford
ParentsArthur Hay, 15t Yerl o Kinnoull, Ann Gay Lowson
ThriftBarrister, investment banker
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Arthur Hay
Yerl o Kinnoull