Charles Emmanuel I, Duke o Savoy

Charles Emmanuel I, Duke o Savoy 12 Januar 1562 – 26 Julie 1630) kent as "The Great" wis the Duke o Savoy frae 1580 tae 1630. cried Testa d'feu ("the Hot-Headed") for his rashness an military aggression. His youngest son wis created the Prince o Carignano which became a cadet branch o the Hoose o Savoy.

Charles Emmanuel I
Duke o Savoy
Jan Kraeck - Ritratto Di Carlo Emanuele I Di Savoia (1562-1630).jpg
Duke o Savoy
Ring30 August 1580 – 26 July 1630
PredecessorEmmanuel Philibert
SuccessorVictor Amadeus I
Born12 Januar 1562
Castle o Rivoli, Rivoli, Piedmont, Italy
Dee'd26 Julie 1630(1630-07-26) (aged 68)
Savigliano, Piedmont
SpouseCatherina Micaela o Austrick
(m. 1584; d. 1597)

Marguerite de Rossillon
(m. 1629)
Full name
Carlo Emanuele di Savoia
HooseSavoy (main line)
FaitherEmmanuel Philibert, Duke o Savoy
MitherMarguerite o Fraunce
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Lesser coat of arms of the Kingdom of Italy (1890).svg

First mairiageEedit

He mairit Caterina Micaela o Austrick, youngest surviving dochter o Philip II o Spain an Elisabeth o Fraunce (Valois), she wis the sister o Isabel Clara Eugenia, Governor o the Habsburg Netherlands. it took place in Zaragoza on 11 Mairch 1585 an the couple made their entrance to Turin in Savoy 10 August 1585.


  1. Philip Emanuel, Prince o Piedmont (8 Aprile 1586 - 9 Februar 1605) died young.
  2. Victor Amadeus I, Duke o Savoy (8 Mey 1587 - 7 October 1637),
  3. Emanuel Filibert o Savoy, (Aprile 16 1588 – August 4 1624) viceroy o Sicily.
  4. Margaret o Savoy (28 Aprile 1589 - 26 Juin 1655);, mairit Francesco IV Gonzaga, Duke o Mantua
  5. Princess Isabella o Savoy (11 Mairch 1591 - 22 August 1626) mairit Alfonso III d'Este, Duke o Modena
  6. Maurice, a cardinal (10 Januar 1593 - 4 October 1657) cried the "Cardinal o Savoy" mairit Princess Luisa Cristina o Savoy.
  7. Maria Apollonia o Savoy (8 Februar 1594 - 13 Julie 1656) nun.
  8. Francesca Caterina o Savoy (6 October 1595 - 20 October 1640); nun.
  9. Thomas Francis o Savoy, Prince o Carignano 21 December 1596 – 22 Januar 1656) Foondit the Carignano branch o the Hoose o Savoy. Marit Marie de Bourbon an haed issue.
  • Anna (born 1597)

Second mairiageEedit

In Riva di Chieri on 28 November 1629, he secretly mairit his long-time an official mistress, Marguerite de Rossillon, Marchesa (Marquise) o Riva di Chieri. They haed four childer.

Ither wabsteidsEedit

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