Charles Colbert, Marquis o Croissy

Charles Colbert, Marquis o Croissy (1625 – Julie 28 1696) wis a French statesman an diplomat.

Charles Colbert
Marquis o Croissy
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Full name
Charles Colbert
Dee'dJulie 28 1696 (aged 71)
Versailles, Fraunce
Noble faimilyColbert
Spoose(s)Françoise Béraud
Jean Baptiste, Marquis o Torcy
Marie Françoise, Marquise o Bouzols
Louis-François Henri, Coont o Croissy
Marguerite Thérèse, Duchess o Saint-Pierre
FaitherNicolas Colbert, Laird o Vandières
MitherMarie Pussort
Thriftdiplomat, nobleman
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In 1664, he mairit Françoise Béraud, dochter o a wealthy banker, who brocht with her the territory o Croissy, which name he took to be turned intae a Marquisate in Julie 1676.


  1. Jean Baptiste Colbert, Marquis o Torcy (14 September 1665 – 2 September 1746)
  2. Charles Joachim Colbert (11 Juin 1667 – 8 Aprile 1738) bishop o Montpellier.
  3. Marie Françoise Colbert (1671-1724) mairit the Marquis o Bouzols.
  4. Charlotte Colbert (1678-1765), Abbess o Maubuisson.
  5. Marguerite Thérèse Colbert (1682-1769) mairit the Marquis o Reynal.
  6. Olympe Sophie Colbert (1686-1705) died unmairit.