Chancellor o Germany

The Chancellor o Germany is the heid o govrenment o Germany. The offeecial title in German is Bundeskanzler(-in) (leeterally, Federal Chancellor), sometimes shortened tae Kanzler(-in). The term, dating frae the early Middle Ages, is derived frae the Laitin term cancellarius.

Federal Chancellor o the Federal Republic o Germany
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Flag of Germany (state).svg
Federal state ensign
Bundesadler Bundesorgane.svg
The Federal Eagle
Coat o airms o the German Govrenment
Angela Merkel (August 2012) cropped.jpg
Angela Merkel

since 22 November 2005
Executive branch o the
German Federal Govrenment
StyleMadam Chancellor
Mr. Chancellor
Excellency (in international correspondence)[1]
Member oGerman Federal Cabinet
European Cooncil
SeatGerman Chancellery
Berlin, Germany
AppynterPreses o Germany
Term length4 years
Inaugural holderOtto von Bismarck
Furmation1 Julie 1867
21 Mairch 1871


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