Catholic Kirk

(Reguidit frae Catholic)

The Roman Catholic Kirk is the lairgest Christian denomination in aw the warld. Ane oot o ilka sax humans belangs this kirk. It is lead bi the Pape an it haes ower ae billion follaers un da auld t'eeder.[5][6] Accordin tae Catholics, the verra first Pape wis St. Peter that wis made Pape bi Jesus himsel. Sae the Roman Catolick kirk can follae its line aw the wey back tae St. Peter, in a direct line o succession throu the Papes (the Haily Faithers or Bishops o Roum). The Pape the nou is Pape Francis. In Scotland thare's ower 800,000 Catolick fowk[7].

Emblem o the Haly See
Catholic Kirk
Laitin: Ecclesia Catholica
Saunt Peter's Basilica
HeidPape Francis
AdmeenistrationRoman Curia
DiocesesAirchdioceses: 640
Dioceses: 2,851
HeidquartersVatican Ceety
FoonderJesus Christ, accordin tae
Catholic tradeetion
Oreegin1st century
Jerusalem, Judea
Roman Empire[2][3]
Members1.299 billion[4]
ClergyBishops: 5,304
Priests: 415,656
Deacons: 45,255


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