Catherine de Bourbon

Catherine de Bourbon (7 Februar 1559 – 13 Februar 1604) wis a Prioncess o the Kinrick o Navarre bi birth. She wis the dochter o Queen Jeanne III an King Antoine o Navarre. She ruled the principality o Béarn in the name o her brither, King Henri III o Navarre, frae 1576 until 1596. Her brither wis the future Keeng Henri VI o Fraunce.

Catherine de Bourbon
Hereditary Princess o Lorraine
Portrait de Catherine de Bourbon.jpg
Painting bi Frans Pourbus.
Born7 Februar 1559
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd13 Februar 1604(1604-02-13) (aged 45)
Ducal Pailace o Nancy, Lorraine
SpouseHenri II o Lorraine
Full name
Catherine de Bourbon
FaitherAnthony, Keeng o Navarre
MitherJoan III, Queen o Navarre


On 13 Julie 1598, she mairit Henri, Hereditary Prince o Lorraine, he wis the son an hier o Charles III o Lorraine an his wife Claude o Fraunce (dochter o Catherine de' Medici) they haed nae issue. Henri wis also a brither o the future François II o Lorraine. Her husband later mairit Margherita Gonzaga with whom Catherine haed a good relationship with.