Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard (c.1523 (1523) – 13 February 1542 (1542-02-14)) wis Queen o Ingland frae 1540 till 1541, as the fift wife o Henry VIII wha referrt tae her as his "rose wioot a thorn".

Catherine Howard
Queen consort o Ingland
Tenur28 Julie 1540 – 23 November 1541
Bornc 1523
Lambeth, Lunnon
Dee'd(1542-02-13)13 Februar 1542 (aged c 19)
Touer o Lunnon
SpouseHenry VIII o Ingland
HooseHoose o Howard
FaitherLord Edmund Howard
MitherJoyce Culpeper
ReleegionRoman Catholic
SeegnaturCatherine Howard's signature


  1. The limn, believed tae be Catherine Howard, haes been perswasively identified through the jewels, whilk confeirs thaim in her inventar.