Castle o Moncalieri

The Castle o Moncalieri is a pailace in Moncalieri (Metropolitan Ceety o Turin), Piedmont, in northren Italy. It is ane o the Residences o the Ryal Hoose o Savoy listed bi UNESCO as a Warld Heritage Steid in 1997.

The Castle o Moncalieri in 1711.

Brief backgroundEedit

The first structur wis a fortress biggit bi Thomas I, Coont o Savoy aroond 1100 on a hill, tae command the main soothren access tae Turin. In the mid-15t century Yolande o Fraunce, wife o Amadeus IX, Duke o Savoy, turned it intae a pleasure residence. Architect Carlo di Castellamonte enlarged the construction substantially, an the interiors war redesigned bi him an ither local artists.

The castle wis the site o the mairriage atween Vittoria Francesca o Savoy tae the Prince o Carignano. It wis an aw the place whaur Maria Carolina o Savoy mairit Anthony o Saxony bi proxy in 1781.

It wis the scene o the daith o Maria Antonia o Spain in 1785; she wis the wife o Victor Amadeus III o Sardinie. Victor Amadeus wad later die thare in 1796.

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