Caracalla (Laitin: Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus;[1] 4 Aprile 188 – 8 Aprile 217) wis Roman emperor o Berber strynd frae 198 tae 217.[2] The eldest son o Septimius Severus, he reigned jyntly wi his faither frae 198 till Severus' daith in 211. For a short time he then ruled jyntly wi his younger brither Geta till he haurd him murthert later in 211. Caracalla is remembered as ane o the maist notorious an unpleasant o emperors acause o the massacres an persecutions he authorized an instigatit throughoot the Empire.[3][4]

22nt Emperor o the Roman Empire
Caracalla MAN Napoli Inv6033 n01.jpg
Ring198–211 (wi Severus);
209 – 4 Februar 211
(wi Severus an Geta);
Februar – December 211
(with Geta);
December 211 – 8 Aprile 217 (alone)
PredecessorSeptimius Severus (alone)
Born4 Apryle 188(188-04-04)
Dee'd8 Apryle 217(217-04-08) (aged 29)
Near Harran
Full name
Lucius Septimius Bassianus (frae birth tae 195);
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Caesar (195 tae 198);
Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
(198 tae 211);
Caesar Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Pius Augustus (211 tae daith)
FaitherSeptimius Severus
MitherJulia Domna


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