Capitale-Nationale (French pronunciation: ​[kapital nasjɔnal]; Inglis: National Capital region, Scots: Naitional Caipital region) is ane o 17 admeenistrative regions o Quebec, Canadae. Quebec Ceety, Quebec's centre o govrenment, is locatit in this region. It haes a land aurie o 18,796.86 km2. It reportit a tot resident population o 700,616 as o the Canadae 2011 Census,[1] wi Quebec Ceety haein 73.7 percent o the tot.

Cairt o Quebec showin Capitale-Nationale in reid.

Prior tae Januar 2000, it ikent as the Québec admeenistrative region.[2]


Regional Coonty Municipalities

Independent Ceeties

Unthirlt Parish

Native Fowk Reserve

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