Camillo Borghese, 6t Prince o Sulmona

Don Camillo Borghese, 6t Prince o Sulmona (Camillo Filippo Ludovico; 19 Julie 1775 – 9 Mey 1832) wis a member o the Hoose o Borghese, best kent for bein a brither-in-law o Napoleon. He wis suceeded bi his brither o Francesco Borghese. He wis creatit a Prince o the First French Empire bi Napoleon.

Camillo Borghese
Prince o Sulmona
Camille Borghèse.jpg
The Prince Borghese bi François Gérard.
Born19 Julie 1775
Palazzo Borghese, Roum
Dee'd9 Mey 1832 (aged 56)
Florence, Tuscany, Italy
SpousePauline Bonaparte
Full name
Camillo Filippo Ludovico Borghese
FaitherMarcantonio Borghese, 5t Prince o Sulmona
MitherAnna Maria Salviati
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
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On 6 November 1803 he mairit Pauline Bonaparte Duchess o Guastalla, thay haed nae issue. She wis the subject o a sculpture bi Antonio Canova.

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