Cairngorms Naitional Pairk

The Cairngorms Naitional Pairk (Scottish Gaelic Pàirc Nàiseanta a' Mhonaidh Ruaidh) is a naitional pairk in north east Scotland, established in 2003. It wis the seicond o twa naitional pairks established bi the Scottis Parliament, efter Loch Lomond an the Trossachs Naitional Pairk, set up in 2002. The pairk covers the Cairngorms range o muntains, an surroondin hills. Initially the lairgest naitional pairk in the Breetish Isles, in 2010 it expandit intae Hieland Pairth an Kinross.[1]

Cairngorms Naitional Pairk
IUCN category V (pertectit landscape/seascape)
Linn of Dee.jpg
The Linn o Dee on the River Dee near Braemar.
Locatit in central Scotland, at the northren end o the island o Breetain
Map o Cairngorms Naitional Piark
LocationCairngorms, Scotland, Moray, Aberdeenshire, Hieland, Angus, Pairth an Kinross
Coordinates57°5′N 3°40′W / 57.083°N 3.667°W / 57.083; -3.667Coordinates: 57°5′N 3°40′W / 57.083°N 3.667°W / 57.083; -3.667
Aurie4,528 km²
Govrenin bodyNaitional Pairk Authority

The areaEedit

The Cairngorms Naitional Pairk covers an aurie o 4,528 km2 (1,748 sq mi) in Aberdeenshire, Moray, Hieland, Angus an Pairth an Kinross Regions. The Cairngorm Muntains are a spectacular landscape, seemilar in appearance tae the Hardangervidda Naitional Pairk o Norawa in havin a lairge upland plateau. While the Hardengervidda Naitional Pairk is recognised as a category 2 naitional pairk unner the IUCN categories (na activity that haes a lastin impact on the naitural environment is permittit) the Cairngorm Naitional Pairk is a category 5 protectit landscape (sustainable development aurie) that haes fairmed an managed landscapes in which tourism is encouraged. Aviemore is the busy an popular holiday destination maist fowk hae heard o but Dalwhinnie, Newtonmore an Kingussie are worth spendin some time in as ye enter the pairk frae the sooth. Hieland Wildlife Pairk an Dalwhinnie Single Malt lie within the Naitional Pairk.

Naitional pairk boundaryEedit

Afore the Naitional Pairk wis established in 2003, Scottis Naitural Heritage conductit a consultation exercise, considerin the boondary an the pouers an structur o the new pairk authority. Ane option presentit for the aurie includit Tomatin, Blair Atholl, Aboyne an Glen Shee, makin the pairk twice as big as the Loch Destrict Naitional Pairk. The aurie finally chosen wis smawer than expectit, but still the lairgest in Breetain. It involved the boondary auries o Carrbridge, Laggan, Dalwhinnie, Grantown-on-Spey an Ballater. Mony groups an local commonties felt that a lairge aurie o hieland Pairth an Kinross should fairm pairt o the pairk an carried oot a sustained campaign.

On 13 Mairch 2008 Michael Russell annoonced that the Naitional Pairk wad be extendit tae tak in Blair Atholl an Spittal o Glenshee.[2] Thare wis an aa controversy surroondin the construction o the funicular Cairngorm Muntain Railway on Cairn Gorm, a scheme supportit bi the new Naitional Pairk Authority. Supporters o the scheme claimed that it wad bring in valuable tourist income, whilst opponents argued that sic a development wis unsuitable for a protectit aurie. Tae reduce erosion, the railwey operates a "closed scheme" an anly allows skiers (in saison) oot o the upper Ptarmigan station.

On 4 October 2010 the Pairk extendit intae Hieland Pairthshire an Glenshee.[3]

Settlements within the naitional pairkEedit

The Naitional Pairk Authority shares statutory plannin functions wi the fower local authorities[4] within the naitional pairk boondary.[5]


(Aw in the Marr committee aurie.)


Anly the heids o the Angus Glens are within the pairk: thay anly contain ane veelage.


(Aw in the Badenoch an Strathspey committee aurie, nearly the entire aurie o which is in the naitional pairk.)


Pairth an KinrossEedit

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