A portrait o Cui, published in What We Hear in Music,1913.[1]

César Antonovich Cui (Roushie: Це́зарь Анто́нович Кюи́; 18 January [A.S. 6 January] 1835 – 13 Mairch 1918)[2] wis a Roushie componer an muisic creetic o French, Pols an Lithuanie strynd.[3] His profession wis as an airmy officer (he rose tae the rank o Ingineer-General (compared tae full general) o The Roushie Imperial Airmy) an a teacher o fortifications, an his avocational life has pairteecular signeeficance in the history o muisic. In this sideline he is kent as a member o The Five, a group o Roushie componers unner the leadership o Mily Balakirev dedicatit tae the production o a speceefically Roushie teep o muisic.


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