Brass buttons frae the uniform o a Dens Warld War I airtillery lieutenant

In modren cleidin an fashion design, a button is a smaw fastener, nou maist commonly made o plastic, but an aa frequently o metal, wid or seashell, which securs twa pieces o fabric thegither. In airchaeology, a button can be a signeeficant airtifact. In the applee'd aorts an in craft, a button can be an example o folk airt, studio craft, or even a miniatur wirk o airt.

Buttons are maist eften attached tae airticles o cleidin but can an aa be uised on conteeners such as wallets an bags. Houever, buttons mey be sewn ontae garments an seemilar items exclusively for purposes o ornamentation. Buttons servin as fasteners wirk bi slippin throu a fabric or thread luip, or bi slidin throu a buttonhole. Ither teeps o fastenings include zippers, Velcro an magnets.