The Burgundians (Laitin: Burgundiōnes; Auld Norse: Burgundar; Auld Inglis: Burgendas; Greek: Βούργουνδοι) wur an East Germanic tribe which mey hae emigratit frae mainland Scandinavie tae the Baltic island o Bornholm, an frae thare tae the Vistula basin, in middle modren Poland. A pairt o the Burgundian tribes migrated further wastward, whaur thay mey hae pairticipatit in the 406 Crossin o the Rhine, efter which thay settled in the Rhine Valley an established the Kinrick o the Burgundians. Anither pairt o Burgundians stayed in thair previous homeland in Oder-Vistula basin an furmed a contingent in Attila's Hunnic airmy bi 451.[1][2]

The Roman empire unner Hadrian (ruled 117-38), shawin the location o the Burgundiones Germanic group, then inhabitin the region atween the Viadua (Oder) an Visula (Vistula) rivers (Poland)

Thair name survives in the regional appellation, Burgundy.


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