Bronchitis is inflammation o the bronchi (lairge an medium-sized airways) in the lungs.[1] Symptoms include cochin up mucus, wheezin, dyspnea, an chest discomfort.[1] Bronchitis is dividit intae twa teeps: acute an chronic.[1] Acute bronchitis is an aa kent as a chest cauld.[1]

Feegur A shaws the location o the lungs an bronchial tubes. Feegur B is an enlairged view o a normal bronchial tube. Feegur C is an enlairged view o a bronchial tube wi bronchitis.
  • bron-kye-tis
SpecialtyInfectious disease, pulmonology
SymptomsCochin up mucus, wheezin, dyspnea, chest discomfort[1]
TeepsAcute, chronic[1]
FrequencyAcute: ~5% o fowk a year[2][3]
Chronic: ~5% o fowk[3]


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