Broch o Mousa

Coordinates: 59°59′46″N 1°10′54″W / 59.996067°N 1.181683°W / 59.996067; -1.181683

Broch o Mousa (or Mousa Broch) is a broch on the wast stron o Mousa in Shetland, Scotland. It is the finest preserved example o an Airn Age broch or roond touer in Shetland.

Broch o Mousa
Mousa Broch 20080821 02.jpg
Mousa Broch exterior
Broch o Mousa is located in Shetland
Broch o Mousa
Shawn within Shetland
LocationMousa, Shetland
Coordinates59°59′46″N 1°10′54″W / 59.996067°N 1.181683°W / 59.996067; -1.181683
PeriodsAirn Age
Site notes
AinershipHistoric Scotland

Lìterar referencesEedit

The broch is linkit wi the lue tale o Bjorn Brynjulfsson an Thora, Roald's dochter.

I Iain Rankin's Black and Blue (furthset i 1997), the detective John Rebus is leukin fur wutnesses i the Mousa Broch.