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The Breetish Museum is dedicatit tae human history, airt an cultur, an is locatit in the Bloomsbury aurie o Lunnon. Its permanent collection, nummerin some 8 million wirks,[4] is amang the lairgest an maist comprehensive in exeestence[4] an oreeginates frae aw continents, illustratin an documentin the story o human cultur frae its beginnins tae the present.[lower-alpha 1]

Breetish Museum
British Museum from NE 2.JPG
Breetish Museum is locatit in Central Lunnon
Breetish Museum
Location within central Lunnon
Established 1753; 266 years ago (1753)
Location Great Russell Street
Lunnon, WC1B
Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates 51°31′10″N 0°07′37″W / 51.519459°N 0.126931°W / 51.519459; -0.126931
Collection size approx. 8 million objects[1]

6,820,686 (2015)[2][3]

Public transit access London Underground Goodge Street; Holborn; Tottenham Court Road; Russell Square;
Aurie 807,000 sq ft (75,000 m2) in
94 Galleries


  1. Sculpturs an applee'd airt are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Breetish Museum hooses earlier airt, non-Wastren airt, prents an drawins, an airt o a later date is at Tate Modren. The Naotional Gallery, haulds the Naitional Collection o Wastren European Art, wi Tate Breetain depositit wi Breetish Airt frae 1500.


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