Bourbons o Spain

The Bourbons o Spain are a cadet branch o the Hoose o Bourbon an wis established bi Philip V o Spain when he wis proclaimed keeng o Spain bi his grandfaither Louis XIV in 1700. The present Keeng Felipe VI is a direct descendant o Felipe V. Felipe VI's daughter Infanta Leonor is the hier tae the Spaingie throne. They are also cousins o the Bourbons o Parma an the Bourbons o the Twa Sicilies.

Bourbons o Spain
Coat of Arms of Spanish Monarch.svg
KintraKinrick o Spain
Parent hooseBourbons o Fraunce
TitlesKeeng, Queen regnant
FoonderPhilip V o Spain
Current heidPhilip VI o Spain
Cadet branchesBourbons o Parma
Bourbons o the Twa Sicilies

Bourbon Keengs o SpainEedit

  1. Felipe V
  2. Luis I (son o the above)
  3. Fernando VI (brither o the above)
  4. Carlos III (half-brither o the above)
  5. Carlos IV (son o the above)
  6. Fernando VII (son o the above)
  7. Isabel II (daughter o the above)
  8. Alfonso XII (son o the above)
  9. Alfonso XIII (son o the above)
  10. Juan Carlos I (grandson o the above)
  11. Felipe VI (son o the above)