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The urinary bladder is the organ that collects urine excretit bi the kidneys afore disposal bi urination.

Urinary bladder
Urinary system.svg
1. Human urinary seestem: 2. Kidney, 3. Renal pelvis, 4. Ureter, 5. Urinary bladder, 6. Urethra. (Left side wi frontal section)
7. Adrenal gland
Vessels: 8. Renal artery an vein, 9. Inferior vena cava, 10. Abdominal aorta, 11. Common iliac artery an vein
With transparency: 12. Liver, 13. Large intestine, 14. Pelvis
2605 The Bladder.jpg
Female bladder (veesible due tae lack o prostate), shswing transeetional epithelium as well as pairt o the waw in a histological cut-oot.
Precursor urogenital sinus
System Urinary seestem
Artery Superior vesical artery
Inferior vesical artery
Umbilical artery
Vaginal artery
Vein Vesical venous plexus
Nerve Vesical nervous plexus
Laitin vesica urinaria
MeSH A05.810.161
Urinary bladder
TA A08.3.01.001
FMA 15900
Anatomical terminology