Battle o Thermopylae

Coordinates: 38°47′47.8″N 22°32′12.2″E / 38.796611°N 22.536722°E / 38.796611; 22.536722

The Battle o Thermopylae (Greek: Μάχη τῶν Θερμοπυλῶν, Machē tōn Thermopylōn) wis focht atween an alliance o Greek ceety-states, led bi Keeng Leonidas o Sparta, an the Persie Empire o Xerxes I ower the coorse o three days, during the seicont Persie invasion o Greece.

Battle o Thermopylae
Pairt o the Greco-Persie Wars
Thermopylae ancient coastline large.jpg
The steid o the battle today. Moont Kallidromon on the left, an the wide coastal plain formed bi accretion o fluvial deposits ower the centuries; the road tae the richt approximates the 480 BC shoreline.
Date20 August[1] or 8–10 September,[2] 480 BC
LocationThermopylae, Greece
38°47′48″N 22°32′12″E / 38.796607°N 22.536714°E / 38.796607; 22.536714
Result Persie victorya[›]
Persies gain control o Boeotia
Greek ceety-states Persie Empire
Commanders an leaders
Keeng Leonidas I 
Keeng Xerxes I o Persie
Hydarnes II
5,200+ (Herodotus)
7,400+ (Diodorus)
11,200 (Pausanias)
7,000 (modren est.)[3][4]
2,500,000 (Herodotus)[5]
120,000–300,000 (modren est.)b[›]
Casualties an losses
4,000 (Herodotus)[6] ~20,000 (Herodotus)[7]
Battle o Thermopylae is locatit in Greece
Battle o Thermopylae
Location o the battle o Thermopylae


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